About Winning Gold Outfitters

Our Values and Principles


At Winning Gold Outfitters, our mission is to seamlessly blend affordability, customized attire, and captivating graphic design, ensuring exceptional quality in every facet. Guided by a commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions, we collaborate closely with our clients to craft unforgettable experiences that meet their unique needs. With a focus on transparency and clarity, we simplify the process of branding and program promotion. Spearheaded by Bob Lee, an experienced teacher and varsity head coach turned branding enthusiast, our goal is to streamline the design and delivery of branded attire, empowering our clients to devote their time to essential tasks. We strive to be the catalyst in simplifying the journey to exceptional branding, allowing our clients to shine in their respective domains.


Bob Lee, the owner-operator of Winning Gold Outfitters, embarked on an unexpected journey, transitioning from a seasoned educator confronting the challenges of virtual teaching during the pandemic to discovering an unanticipated passion for graphic design and digital tools. His foray began by crafting websites for his wife's blog, gradually evolving into a broader vision. Relocating to Mexico proved transformative, propelling him to leverage his background in education and artistry, redirecting his focus toward empowering schools and programs through the realm of graphic design. Bob's narrative embodies adaptability, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to serving others by channeling creativity and purposeful innovation.


Recognizing the significance of branding and promotion for your program, we aim to streamline these processes. Bob Lee, an accomplished teacher and varsity head coach, brings a wealth of experience and a fervor for program branding. As the driving force behind Winning Gold Outfitters, he simplifies the design and delivery of branded attire, empowering clients to redirect their focus towards their core responsibilities. Our commitment lies in simplifying the journey to exceptional branding, allowing you the freedom to excel in what truly matters.


At Winning Gold Outfitters, our ethos revolves around providing budget-friendly, personalized attire and captivating graphic design services. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional quality and a seamless customer journey. Collaborating closely with our clients, we craft tailor-made solutions that leave a lasting impression and cater to their unique requirements. Our approach is founded on transparency, guiding you through every phase with clarity and precision.